Donate to Deep Green Resistance

Not all of us can be on the front lines. But we can all contribute.

If we are going to ask people to take on substantial personal risk in pursuit of ecological justice, then we need to provide these brave people with the training, legal, and financial resources they need. We need your help.

Throughout history all resistance movements have faced ruthless enemies that had unlimited resources. And, unlike the past, now everything’s at stake.

The mainstream environmental movement is funded by foundations run by wealthy people who don’t want revolutionary change. They won’t give us any money, and we don’t want their dirty money. That’s why radical organizations like DGR rely on individual donors to support activism around the world.

Here’s your opportunity to fund the resistance. Join those of us who cannot be on the front lines in supporting the struggle for life and justice. Your help literally makes our work possible.

How to Make Donation

We have three options for donations: Givebutter, PayPal (both support automatic monthly donations), or check.  You’re also welcome to mail us cash.

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Make your check out to “Deep Green Resistance” and send it to:

Deep Green Resistance

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We thank you for your support.