Bring Deep Green Resistance to You

One of the biggest barriers to effective resistance today is that most people who want to resist don’t have the knowledge or skills.

That’s why Deep Green Resistance offers training and workshops to aspiring organizers and revolutionaries. 

Workshops and Training

 Our workshops are tailored to your needs, your community, and your specific situation. Whether you want a 30-minute training on a single topic or a multi-day workshop packed with information, we can help.

Option 1: Workshop. We travel to your community and provide a training. Options for length between 30 minutes and 4 days.

Option 2: Speaker. Invite a DGR organizer to your event, gathering, or meeting to share our analysis and skills.

Option 3: Remote Training. Using video chat or other technologies, we can provide training to your group remotely.

Option 4: Organizing. What if you need help instead of training? Our organizers can travel to your location and work with you for up to 10 days on campaign and action planning, strategy, recruitment, outreach, tactics, etc.

Option 5: Join Us. New recruits to Deep Green Resistance go through a series of 5 basic trainings, and gain access to an ongoing training program with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Topics include community organizing, direct action skills, security culture, first aid, wilderness survival, etc.


What We Cover


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Wire: @deepgreenresistance

For sensitive info: Contact us securely via PGP. (Download our PGP key here, fingerprint 6DD7 D435 6E52 88FF CB50 ADBF 5DD0 30E2 B1A8 616A). Or contact us and we can setup another method.

What About Cost?

Our trainings are offered on a non-profit basis. We will work with your budget and only seek to cover travel costs, lodging and food, and if your budget allows, a small stipend for the trainers. We may be able to partially subsidize these costs in cases of high need.

Other costs may include materials, lodging, and food for participants. We can discuss these details with you and help develop a list of needs, a budget, and a plan for raising the money.

Don’t let lack of money stop you. We may be able subsidize some of your costs. And it’s often easier than you think to raise money for a training.

From the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet

New recruits need two kinds of training. On one hand, they need cultural training, that is, they need to develop a shared culture with the other members of their group so that everyone can work together smoothly. On the other hand, they need training in the specific skills needed for their work. Some of the shared culture comes from a culture of resistance, and some is on a group-by-group basis. Many of the basic skills for resistance are also common across different groups.


This suggests the need for a sort of “basic training for activists,” which would be generally available—and strongly encouraged—for people who want to be part of a culture of resistance. Some skills that belong on the list are already taught in many nonpolitical settings. And conversely, some political groups seem ignorant of key skills needed for successful resistance.